For Carers/Care Assistants:- this is your entry into career development and success. We assist you to attain a rewarding career in Health & Social Care; we help you in being with your most desired career level.

At Liral Veget, we expect the following in a Carer/Care Assistant at minimum:

Family/individual related tasks:

• Your Team Leader/Care Quality Supervisor will be assigning duties to visit the homes of the service users. Attending them will be one of your main duties as specified by your Supervisor as per your rota.
• Listening carefully to the needs of the Service Users and execute your duties considering the requests of the user with a disability and the carer and wherever possible perform the duties consistent with their own wishes and the assessed care plan.

Personal and social care tasks:

• To follow the designated care plan, drawn up by the Care Coordinator, to support the service user with their daily living needs.
• Assisting with all personal needs of service users from case to case basis as per the
• Bathing in bed/bathroom/chair to include essential aspects of personal hygiene.
• Assist in the management of continence of the bladder and the bowel.
• Assist with dressing and undressing.
• Assist with mobility and transfers, using correctly any specialised equipment provided.
• Assist with feeding.
• Administer only the medication as prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner under the direction of the coordinator/Team Leader. Always check for any changes that have been made in dosage.
• Assist with therapeutic programmes designed, under medical direction, to help an individual’s progress, as advised by the relevant professional and under the direction of the coordinator/Team Leader.
• Provide a safe environment for those who need constant supervision and help.
• Provide emotional support to the family as part of a caring team.
• Supervise the person with a disability outside the home as advised by the coordinator/senior staff member, with written permission from the disabled person or responsible carer.

Domestic tasks
Some light domestic duties may be carried out as follows:

• Making and changing the service users bed
• Essential laundering for the service users.
• Essential shopping.
• Preparing meals and washing up.

Administration and Training:

• Notify the coordinator/Team Leader immediately of any change in availability to work.
• Observe and report back promptly to the coordinator/Team leader any alteration in the family circumstances affecting the service provision.
• Liaise regularly with the coordinator/Team leader and colleagues.
• Provide flexible cover for colleagues in the event of holiday and sickness working as part of a caring team.
• Attend regular meetings as convened by the coordinator/Team leader and or management committee.
• Complete and submit to the coordinator/Team Leader signed weekly time sheets.
• Complete incident forms accurately, and submit promptly to the Coordinator/Team Leader.
• Participate in an induction programme and attend ongoing in-service training determined by the individual needs of the client.

Relevant information about families who will receive Crossroads care will be given to the Carer Support Workers, it is vital that this information is kept confidential at all times.

Any other duties:

It is essential that all Carer Support Workers are flexible and able to work and meet the needs of our families and undertake tasks that senior management regard as applicable to the role of the Carer Support Worker.