Person Specification

The purpose of a Person Specification is to provide criteria against which the recruitment of candidates will be carried out objectively in line with equal opportunities.  It defines both essential and desirable criteria and is usually prepared as a grid.

The Person Specification should be based upon the Job Description.  To assist in the drafting of a Person Specification and to ensure consistency, reference should be made to the guidelines.

Essential criteria Requirements without which a candidate will not be offered an interview.
Desirable criteria Requirements which enhance the candidates application or basis for consideration and may facilitate more detailed shortlisting for interview.


The criteria required of the ideal candidate and the format of the Person Specification may vary, but typically could include:

Qualifications Only where considered appropriate and specific to a profession or trade.
Experience Either in the type of role outlined in the Job Description, or in a preparatory role.
Skills Relevant to the post.
Special requirements Will be specific to the job, e.g. ability to lift heavy weights, ability to work with specific client groups.