Work Placements

As well as providing solutions to long-term staffing issues we also run a number of programmes which include work placements and work tasters and we are always looking for new businesses to get involved with these worthwhile schemes. If you would be willing to pass on your experience and knowledge to individuals who are eager to learn, then we want to hear from you!

Why get involved with work placements?

• Recruiting a trainee is a cost effective way of staffing your business.
• The structure and duration of placements are flexible to suit your needs.
• You have the opportunity to assess whether an individual fits a job role without making a long-term commitment.
• You will be offering individuals the opportunity to develop their skills which will help them to progress in their chosen career path.
• Dedicated training staff will support the trainee throughout their work placement and enhance their skills with appropriate training.

For more information on work placements, please send email to or call 02072311658

Flexible Recruitment
The recent economic downturn has resulted in a sharp increase in the number of people looking for employment. Working with Liral Veget will enable you to access these potential employees by offering a recruitment service which is flexible to the needs of your business.
• An Employability Broker will discuss the needs of your business with you and determine the precise skill set that you require from new employees.
• Appropriate individuals will be selected from our extensive database of candidates looking for employment.
• Personalised training plans will be drawn up for each candidate and agreed by yourself to ensure their skills are current and relevant to the needs of your business prior to beginning their employment.