Welcome to Liral Veget – Training & Recruitment

Liral Veget is a small, service based Training and Recruitment Company providing its services to the community around, helping individuals to build up and improve their skills and sharpen working knowledge in diverse fields. Located at 165-167 Old Kent Road, London, we are centrally placed for people from all walks of life and areas can reach us easily with ample transport connections. Our main training provisions include NVQ courses in Health & Social Care, Business Administration, Business/Human Resources/Marketing Management, ICT, Employability Skills etc.Like all businesses, our daily activities have an impact on the environment. Though our service provision in general has pretty much lower environmental impacts we give adequate care in managing and adhering to safe and greener environmental practices, and we aim to reduce adverse effects wherever we can.

A. We are committed to continually improve our environmental performance, we aim to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and ensure that the prevention of pollution is an integral part of our working practices.

B. Liral Veget is committed to:

  1. Ensuring all employees are aware of this environmental policy and understand their responsibilities within it.
  2. Providing a high standard of environmental advice to all customers, working within the EARA code of practice.
  3. Reducing office waste (for example, by increasing use of computers for information storage and editing draft documents, and by using both sides of paper whenever possible).
  4. Using recycled or environment friendly paper whenever possible, and favour the use of suppliers of office materials who are committed to environmental good practice.
  5. Recycling and reusing our waste, where possible.
  6. Endeavour the level best o follow Waste Hierarchy model which helps to identify ways to prevent and reduce waste.
  7. Using energy efficiently.
  8. Minimising fuel consumption by careful planning of journeys and use of vehicles.
  9. Using public transport wherever practicable.

We are committed to enhance good practices of complying with environmental targets, thereby improving our standards to achieve environmental accreditations.

This policy will be implemented by the setting of targets and objectives, which shall be reviewed annually. The environmental policy shall be available to the public on request.