Liral Veget is a leader in developing innovative projects for employed and unemployed young people and adults. Our success is based on innovative methods to ENGAGE, EXCITE and EMPOWER our learners. We have supported over 3000 learners over the last 10 years, including young people (11-19 year olds) who were excluded from mainstream school or who were NEET into positive alternative activities. We have also delivered Local Authority, ESF and ESFA NEET projects successfully.

Our group of tutors are highly experienced as well as being enthusiastic and dedicated teachers with extensive knowledge and understanding gained from a diverse range of industries. They are committed to drawing the best out of each and every learner.

Many studies have shown that training has a positive impact not only on the job performance of individuals and teams but other benefits including attitude, innovation, motivation and communication. By choosing Liral Veget, you are choosing to learn with a provider who is dedicated to helping individuals achieve outstanding results. With over 10 years’ experience, we have already helped over 3,000 people to accomplish their career ambitions, supporting them to find jobs, develop their skills and gain qualifications.