Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Functional Skills program does Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited offer?

Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited offers a range of functional skills training programs which include Function Skill English 1, Functional Skills English 2, Functional Skills Mathematics 1, Functional Skills Mathematics, 2, and Function skills ICT 2. These programs are designed to enhance practical skills and improve employability in various sectors. Our instructors are well equipped for deliver these trainings efficiently and professionally.

Can you provide information about the short courses in health and social care that that Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited offers?

Our short courses in health and social care is specially designed to cover very critical topics such as patient care, safeguarding, communication skills and ethics in relating with people with learning difficulties, autism and other related issues. These courses are ideal for anyone in or seeking to enter health and social care services industry. They can also be taken as upgrade courses for practitioners in the industry.

How do I enrol in an apprenticeship program with Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited?

It is easy and straightforward to enrol in our apprenticeship program. Simply visit our website at or walk into our office @ 165 Old Kent Road, SE1 5UT, London or call our helpline on 0793194598. Our team is ready to guide you through the application process and provide you with all the information you need to start your apprenticeship journey.

What sets Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited apart from other training and recruitment agencies in terms of quality of training and support provided?

At Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited, we prioritise individualised attention and our trainings are tailored to provide specific solutions. Our seasoned and experienced trainers focus on practical skills development; ensuring that our learners are well for the workforce or whatever future endeavour they may wish to venture into. Additionally, our support extends beyond training to helping individuals navigate their career paths successfully.

What is the duration of your functional skills training programs, and what level of proficiency do they cover?

The duration of our functional skills program varies based on the specific course and proficiency level. Typically, our programs range from a few weeks to a few months, allowing learners to progress from basic to advanced levels. We offer training from an entry-level skills to advanced proficiency, catering for learners with different abilities. We allow people to learn at their base, this is because we understand that learning abilities differ from person to person.

Do you offer customised training solutions for businesses or organisations looking to enhance the skills of their employees?

Yes, we specialise in providing tailored training solutions for businesses and organisations. Our team collaborate closely with employers to understand their specific needs and design customised training programs. Whether it’s up-skilling existing employees or training new recruits, we develop training modules that align with the company’s objectives and assign instructors to deliver on this growth-based task.

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