Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Policy and Procedures

Policy Statement

Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited is committed to providing appropriate impartial Information Advice and Guidance service to its learners, employers, service users and their family members and/or representatives.

The provision of IAG is an inseparable and continuous element embedded in Liral Veget’s services in its training delivery and domiciliary care services.  We promote the value of learning and support services that we provide to our varied client groups.  We ensure that we deliver dedicated services to every individual. We treat our clients with courtesy, fairness and empathy.  At Liral Veget, we have an inclusive culture in every support and service we provide and hence we believe that our person-centered care provided to our clients and our approach benefits all individuals whom we serve.


To deliver accurate, effective, impartial and robust IAG service to all its clients including students and service users, their family members, professionals and partner organizations that meet their needs.

Strategic aim

    • To deliver effective training programmes which are useful to learners, employable and progressive in nature, so that they are able to take informed decisions about employment or further training needs
    • To deliver efficient, person-centered care support service to LVTR clients at their locations, in a tailored way that suits every individual who has varied support needs. Click here for more