Our Trainings

Explore our training courses to improve your functional skills. From enhancing English language proficiency to practical mathematics and essential ICT knowledge, our courses are designed to boost your capabilities for both work and daily life. Join us to elevate your skills and succeed in your endeavors..

Functional Skills English Level 1

This course is designed by Liral Veget to help improve your ability to better present ideas, use punctuations well and become very efficient in the use of grammar. Most employers accept this certificate as a proof of your knowledge and skill.

Beginners Courses

Functional Skills Mathematics Level 1

This course aims to equip you with practical mathematical skills for daily life and work. It covers topics such as numbers, percentages, basic functions, decimals to percentages conversion, measurements, shapes, and charts. You’ll learn to calculate the sides of a shape and interpret graphs.

Beginners Courses

Functional Skills Information Communcation Level 1

Liral Veget’s Functional Skills ICT course teaches essential computer-based tools for effective functioning at work and in daily life, providing basic ICT knowledge in an easy-to-understand format.

Beginners Courses

Functional Skills English Level 2

This course improves speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Learn to write and converse effectively. Tailored to meet learner, employer, and institution expectations. Completion recognized as proof of skill in presenting ideas, punctuation, and grammar.

Intermediate Courses

Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2

Liral Veget’s course teaches basic math functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), as well as fractions, decimals, percentages, and solving real-life math problems. It also covers using non-numerical representations like tables, charts, and diagrams.

Intermediate Courses