Our Success Stories

N.O has been in Liral Veget’s care for over 7 years. He is an Autistic client with severe learning disability, Autism Spectrum and is non-verbal. Over years of careful caring and support, N.O today is able to read and write, can verbalise four to six letter words that may not be mono-syllable with the support from our special needs school. He is in good state of well-being, happy with his family with which he is in regular touch. His cultural and religious views are observed to maintain his indentity and uphold his choices. N.O’s dignity is highly considered. His care is person centred and peculiar to him only.

H.R has been receiving support from Liral Veget team of professionals for over four years now. She was diagnosed with severe learning disability, needed a lot of support to live a normal life in the community. Today, H.R is stable and learning in college. H.R is able to sign words to communicate or using gadgets of communication. Her life radiates beauty and happiness always. H.R’s friends and family enjoy a frequent time together now as part of H.R’s person centred plan. Grandma Sue calls Liral Veget her own second family.