About Us

Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited, established in 2000, provides accredited trainings and recruitment services in London and also provides domiciliary care services. We have been serving the city and its environs for over two decades with commitment, professionalism and passion to growth.

The epitome of industry excellence for the past two decades

Since inception, Liral Veget have been offering various education programmes, social care services, recruitment and consultancy services quite successfully – a service that adds value and benefits the community in vocational training sector. With a team of highly experienced and qualified social care practitioners and experts in the vocational training industry, our training programmes have always been effective and continuously developing. With decimated team members and professionals to train and guide our learners, we always strive to improve consistently to serve the community around us in better terms in every way, every day.

We intend to provide high quality and cost-effective training to individuals that make them employable and better skilled, also to private and public sector organisations. We practice quality assurance procedures to continuously monitor and improve our performance. Our quality structure is always improving by integrating and implementing changes to enhance standards, and in away to adapt to changing circumstances which becomes more fruitful for clients to develop and flourish their skills

Over the years, the company has earned considerable reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner, a socially-conscious, fully committed enterprise. With evident network and progress, loaded with skilful learners, selective employers and professionals, we had successfully developed our care division which is focused in providing domiciliary care. This division strengthened its client base and is now active in several partnerships with care organisations within London and its environs.

We currently provide the following services

    • Vocational qualifications, taught by qualified professionals
    • Domiciliary care services, with excellent network strength working with several local authorities across London and professionals

Also, we have been providing qualified support workers and care assistants to a number of care homes in and around London for many years counting. A good number of our training courses are in the field of Health and Social Care, however, we offer other various other QCF Diploma and BTECH Higher National Diploma courses in Business Administration, Digital Skills, Advice and Guidance, Customer services, management, Team Leading etc. We ensure that professionalism is reflected in all areas of our services. We are also an accredited centre for a handful of reputed awarding bodies.

With the recent changes in the funding sector in recent years and the resilience in the learner market, Liral Veget augmented its provision of services in the care sector. We acquired care packages from other care providers and its funding circles like local councils, CCGs and NHS groups. This has supported the business substantially and helped to alleviate the change of circumstances in training sector caused by several factors. We are registered with Care Quality Commission, and have current rating ‘‘Good’’ overall. Liral Veget continues to run as a successful business and we are committed to continuous development.

Our Mission

To provide high quality and cost effective training for individuals, private and public organizations.

At Liral Veget, we aim to make such trainings affordable to individuals. We give our learners robust IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) service that is most relevant to individual’s learning circumstances and needs. We also sign-post eligible learners to funded programmes available from to time, so that they benefit from various opportunities and can progress to higher roles and learning routes. We practice rigorous quality assurance procedures to continuously monitor and improve our performance. We are also very conscious about the security and welfare of our learners.


To become the foremost training and recruitment provider in England

We are a Training Company that is highly respected and recognized in the training Industry in England. We are on a deliberate move to become one of the top 3 training and recruitment companies in England. We are intentionally putting measures in place to make sure this happen. We are growing to take to the first place of choice for learners in Functional Skills, Apprenticeship and all other Further Education component in England


Everything we do is bound by a set of principles and business philosophies;



We prioritize integrity above all other considerations in everything we do as a company. We make sure we keep our words and promises to our learners and customers and that we fully represent everything we say. Our strategies and operations are straightforward and our methods are foolproof.


we see everyone as important, thereby creating an equal and fair environment for our learners to learn, network and grow both in their career and individual endeavours. We also develop systems and procedures that are unique to the circumstances of each learner or client. We make sure everyone feels safe, comfortable and involved. We also ensure uniformity in providing opportunities and privileges. At Liral Veget, EVERYONE IS VERY IMPORTANT


if there is anything that has endeared us to our learners over the years, it our passion for excellence and results. We are excited to see that the aim for. No one has comes in contact with Liral Veget without actualizing and exceeding the purpose for which he came. The interests and needs of our learners are ours. We don’t just teach and conduct Tests, we also provide technical support to help our clients and learners realise their full potentials at work and in their individual lives.


everything we do at Liral Veget is within the corridors of global best practices. We ensure that our standards are unique and all encompassing. We deploy the best ideas, skills, competences, tools and strategies in our teaching, testing and other business relationships. We constantly train and retrain our staff to make sure they are regularly updated about the best approaches and technologies available in the training and recruitment industry



if it’s not the best, Liral Veget is not involved. We only identify with the best. This is why we are respected in the industry. It is a corporate principle of Liral Vget to ensure that whatever we do with any of our learners, staff, partners or associates has a touch of best quality. Think Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited, THINK QUALITY.