Functional Skills English Level 1 6-months

This course is designed by Liral Veget to help improve your ability to better present ideas, use punctuations well and become very efficient in the use of grammar. Most employers accept this certificate as a proof of your knowledge and skill.


    • You can study at your own pace with any device of your choice.
    • You can retake reseat at any time. This gives you ample time to prepare for your exam
    • You will be better positioned to convince employers and display skills of use of grammar, punctuation and presentation skills.

There are three core aspects that this course covers, which are:

Speaking and listening: here, you will learn:

    • How to follow logical lines in a conversation and make reasonable/error-free contributions
    • Precision in communication and ability to provide backgrounds to issues when needed
    • Contextual communication and following up on issues in a defined context

Reading: in this unit, the focus is on:

      • Ability to use reference and other resources in the in different situation and make them align with the context of the topic
      • Ability to link up thoughts and separate ideas, opinions and facts in an intelligent manner.
      • Recognize different ways to write and present ideas, different voices and different patterns of presentation by authors

    Writing: here, our emphasis is on:

        • Using punctuation marks correctly and easily
        • Using grammar very well and have a deep understanding of the use of words and different registers
        • Clearly and effectively communicating ideas, opinions and thought


      An experienced instructor, deeply passionate about helping students enhance communication skills, brings over 10 years of expertise to guide towards mastery in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

      Through this course, students will benefit from the instructor’s expertise, improving grammar, punctuation, and presentation skills, ultimately enhancing the ability to impress employers and effectively showcase talents. The dedication to student success, coupled with specialized knowledge in communication skills, makes this instructor invaluable for this course.