Short Courses

We offer short qualifications at different levels with specific development goals for those who are unable to commit to full-time education. The reduced program length allows you to take courses outside of work or other life commitments to suit your busy schedule.

These bite-sized qualifications are perfect for continuing professional development (CPD) or to expand your knowledge in a particular area to strengthen your career. Upon successful completion, you will be given an award or certificate to reflect your accomplishment.

Health and Safety

This training focuses on workplace safety and compliance with regulations. Liral Veget offers fundamental Health and Safety training for all, aimed at raising awareness and promoting best practices for a safe work environment.

2 Week Course

Report Writing Skills

The Report Writing course improves your business report writing skills by teaching you to plan, structure, and tailor your reports to specific audiences. Available in-person or virtually, and can be customized for your organization.

1 day Course

Moving and Handling

This training  focuses on moving and handling people in health and social care, as well as other industries, requires specialized equipment and safety precautions. Training on this topic is crucial.

2 Week Course

Customer Service Training

 We train customer service agents to focus on SPEED, CONVENIENCE AND FRIENDLINESS. We believe that the expectations of customers are ever changing, hence the need to constantly upgrade your customer service experience.

1 day Course

IT User Skills

This course enhances learners’ basic IT skills and confidence. It includes Excel, Word, and WordPress courses, covers IT security, and offers interactive teaching. Completion earns a certificate, and it costs £210 +VAT for a full day.

1 day Course

Basic First Aid and CPR

This course teaches learners how to preserve life in an emergency, reduce injuries and sicknesses, provide pain relief, and protect unconscious individuals. It’s recommended for anyone, especially those in care, childcare, factories, and education.

2 Week Course