Sub Contractor Policy

Subcontracting Supply-chain Fees and Charges Policy

  1. Policy Statement

Liral Veget Training & Recruitment is committed to growing and diversifying the range of courses it delivers to widen participation, deliver to niche markets, engage in new and emerging markets and meet the regional and local economic development agenda. In order to achieve this, Liral Veget Training & Recruitment has taken the strategic decision to subcontract part of its provision to partner organisations who can demonstrate high quality delivery.

  1. Scope

The Policy applies to all subcontracted partner organisations.

  1. Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning

Liral Veget Training & Recruitment will support, develop and share good practice through: quality reviews, operational meetings, observations of teaching and learning and learner and employer feedback.

  1. Management Fees

Liral Veget Training & Recruitment retains a management fee from all subcontracted partner organisations, ranging from 10% to 20%.The fees charged reflect the cost of the procurement process, services provided and the management of the contracts.

Subcontractors working with Liral Veget Training & Recruitment receive a high level of support and guidance and access to our systems, including: Click here for more