Health and Safety     2-Weeks

The consciousness of Safety at work is of paramount importance. Knowing how to maintain safety for self and everyone in a work environment is the core reason for this course. Also, compliance to the Health and Safety legislations is of legal and social consequences.

This training is for EVERYONE. Each learner will need to select what aspect of the entire course to focus on. At Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited, we understand that there are basic Health and Safety Training that is required in every workplace and we have developed such training with the requisite competencies for you.

The aim of these trainings is to help people who work in health and safety environments to be aware of Health and Safety rules and regulations as well as learn how to use best safety measures at work to keep both self and everyone else in a work environment safe.


Our courses can be done virtually or physically; it depends on what is convenient for the learner.

  1. Abrasive wheel Safety Training
  2. Accident Reporting Training
  3. Anaphylaxis and Allergy Training (this training is particularly designed for schools and carers.)
  4. Asbestos Awareness Training
  5. Asthma Training ( this training is designed for schools and carers)
  6. Banksman Essentials Training
  7. Bar Staff Training ( this training is for those that work in licensed environment)
  8. Basic Life Support in Care Training
  9. Eye protection Training
  10. Fire Awareness Training
  11. Fire Awareness Training in Care
  12. Fire Awareness Training in Construction
  13. Fire Awareness Training in Education
  14. Fire Extinguisher Training
  15. Fire warden (Marshal) Training
  16. Fire Warden Training in Care
  17. Fire Warden Training in Construction
  18. Fire Warden Training in education
  19. First Aid Appointed Person Training
  20. First Aid At Work Refresher Training
  21. First Aid requirement RIDDOR Training
  22. Fluids and Nutrition in Care Training
  23. Food Allergy Awareness Training
  24. Food Hygiene Level 1 Training Course
  25. Food Hygiene Level 2 Training Course
  26. Food Hygiene Level 3 Training Course
  27. General Workshop Safety Training
  28. HACCP Training Level 2
  29. Hand Arm Vibration Vibration(HAVS) Training
  30. Handling Aggressive Behaviour Training
  31. Health and Safety in Care Training
  32. Health and Safety for home workers
  33. Health and Safety for managers and supervisors
  34. Hot Work Training
  35. infection Prevention and Control in Care Training
  36. Infection Prevention and Control
  37. Ladder Safety Training
  38. Legionella Awareness Training
  39. Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) Training
  40. LOLER Training
  41. Lone Worker Safety Training
  42. Manual Handling Training
  43. Manual Handling Including Tyre Training
  44. Medication Awareness Training for Care
  45. Medication Awareness Training for Schools
  46. Moving and Handling People Training
  47. Noise Awareness Training
  48. Paediatrics First Aid Refresher Training
  49. PPE Training
  50. Risk Assessment Training
  51. PUWER Training
  52. Safeguarding Adults Level 2 Training
  53. Safeguarding Adults Children Training
  54. Schools Trips Training (This training is for organisers and support)
  55. Schools Trips Training for Management
  56. Sharp Training
  57. Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training
  58. Spill Kit Training: Bodily Fluids
  59. Spill Kit Training: Chemicals and Oils
  60. Working At Height Training
  61. CDM Regulations Training
  62. Confined Space Training (this training is for those that work in confined space)
  63. COSHH Training
  64. CPR and AED Refresher Training
  65. Diabetes Training for Schools and Carers
  66. Driver Awareness Training
  67. Display Screen Equipment Training
  68. Electrical Safety Training
  69. Emergency First Aid At Work Refresher Training
  70. Epilepsy TRAINING FOR Schools and Carers
  71. Essential Health and Safety Training

Objectives of the Course

The objectives of this course include.

  • To effectively maintain working materials in order to ensure safety
  • To adequately equip learners with information on how to maintain safety at work
  • To make work environment and homes safe
  • To make sure people are safe while performing their daily tasks
  • To provide data for Health and Safety policies

Assessment/Certification: After the completion of your course, you will immediately be issued a certificate which you can download as PDF or print it off.


Our instructor, a Health and Social Care expert with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and over 10 years of field experience, ensures effective course delivery.

They focus on specialized equipment usage, safety protocols, legal compliance, and upholding client privacy and dignity. Their teaching style emphasizes practical application, engaging students to master essential moving and handling skills for diverse healthcare and related settings.

I am beyond thrilled with the knowledge and skills I gained from it. The course was excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone in the field. I feel much more confident in my abilities and excited to apply what I learned. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to take this course.

Chuks Igho