Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 6-months

Liral Veget designed this course to teach you basic mathematical functions such as subtraction, addition, division and multiplication. In addition, you will understand in details how to use fractions, percentages, decimals, etc. This course will also expose you on how to solve real-life mathematical problems and how to apply the maths skills to improving your work and daily living. You will also learn the use of non-numerical representations like tables, diagrams, and charts.


  • You will learn to calculate different measurement and category of numbers, including percentages and also demonstrate to your employer that you have the needed mathematical knowledge for the next level of your career.
  • This certificate is nationally recognised and it is equivalent to GCSE
  • You can study at your own pace with any electronic device of your choice.
  • You can retake reseat at any time. This gives you ample time to prepare for your exam

There are ten basic things you are expected to learn from Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2


    1. Effective Calculation methods: you will learn simple to complex calculations and how to solve problems that require calculations.
    2. Use and application of Ratios: you will be taught how to understand and work with ratios
    3. Understanding and use of Fractions, decimals, and percentages: the aim here is to teach you how to underhand and work with complex mathematical structures like fractions, decimals and percentages. You will learn how to effectively decimals to percentages, decimals to fractions and fractions to percentages, and percentages to fractions
    4. The meaning and use of negative and positive numbers: you will be taught what a negative and positive numbers mean and in what situations they apply.
    5. How to use simple formula: knowing the relationship that exists between numbers and letters and how this relationship is represented in the name of formulas is what will be taught in this unit. You will also learn how to apply these formulas in solving problems at work and in real-life situations.
    6. Ability to Recognize and use 2D and 3D objects effectively: shapes and their various realisations will be our focus here and how to view these shapes in 2D and 3D. This unit will expose you to the various ways shapes are analysed and how to apply this knowledge in every given situation.
    7. Understanding the use of Area, perimeter and volumes: here, you will be taught how to use and calculate areas of shapes, volumes and perimeters of objects
    8. Understanding and applying metric and imperial measures: length, weight, distance etc are measurement units that will be taught in this unit. You will be taught the use, analyse and application of these measurements.
    9. Collect, process, use and represent data effectively: this unit will teach you the collection, usage and representation of data in a very easy and clear way.
    10. Understand the use and interpretation of statistical measures: this unit will teach you the various statistical measures and their graphical representation. Measures like mean, mode, median, range, standard deviation, etc as well as how to apply them will be taught



Bringing over a decade of dedicated expertise in mathematics education, our experienced instructor is passionate about guiding students through the intricacies of Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2.

With a focus on fundamental concepts like numbers, percentages, and geometric shapes, learners can expect tailored guidance and personalized assistance.

The commitment to student success and a solid foundation in mathematics make this instructor a valuable asset for those seeking proficiency in this course. Join to benefit from their wealth of knowledge and achieve mathematical competence.