Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Policy and Procedures

Policy Statement

Liral Veget Training and Recruitment Limited is committed to providing appropriate impartial Information Advice and Guidance service to its learners, employers, service users and their family members and/or representatives. 

The provision of IAG is an inseparable and continuous element embedded in Liral Veget’s services in its training delivery and domiciliary care services.  We promote the value of learning and support services that we provide to our varied client groups.  We ensure that we deliver dedicated services to every individual. We treat our clients with courtesy, fairness and empathy.  At Liral Veget, we have an inclusive culture in every support and service we provide and hence we believe that our person-centered care provided to our clients and our approach benefits all individuals whom we serve.


To deliver accurate, effective, impartial and robust IAG service to all its clients including students and service users, their family members, professionals and partner organizations that meet their needs.  

Strategic aim

    • To deliver effective training programmes which are useful to learners, employable and progressive in nature, so that they are able to take informed decisions about employment or further training needs
    • To deliver efficient, person-centered care support service to LVTR clients at their locations, in a tailored way that suits every individual who has varied support needs

Strategic objectives 

    1. To provide impartial, unbiased information, advice and guidance to learners, service users and their family members or any professional or associated individuals who are involved in the provision of support from us
    2. To impart an awareness of learning and support structure, to give what ranges of opportunities are available for clients to progress
    3. To understand individual support needs and aspirations
    4. To research, analyse and interpret information for individuals, family members and professionals to make desired and informed choices
    5. To consider and review progression, care plans, interim CPA reviews, success percentages, ratios and statistics available to each individual
    6. To help learners to understand various employment opportunities available and to choose the best training routes to overcome obstacles to potential employment
    7. To help people overcome barriers to learning opportunities (with eligibility for funding, qualifications available etc.)
    8. To maximise enquiries that would lead to enrolments and subsequently meet strategic objectives set out by the organization
    9. Exercise Equality and Diversity to spread the opportunities available to learning communities as diverse and maximum as possible; and
    10. To ensure that IAG services are delivered in accordance with ‘Principles for Coherent Information Advice and Guidance’ as contained within Matrix standards.
    11. To enable service users to lead their lives safely with considerable improvement, giving them better life skills and helping them integrate into the community.
    12. To ensure that IAG is treated confidentially and every information and detail is protected in the best interests of individuals and by complying with Data protection regulations
    13. To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of service and provide advice and support further for the individual to progress
    14. To signpost clients to other locations, services and organizations as appropriate

In order to achieve the above objectives, LV provides opportunities for:

1. All learners to: –

    • Have an individual interview and receive career information advice and guidance which enables them to enrol into an effective program
    • Receive a transparent initial assessment
    • Agree on an Individual Learning Plan that accounts for the learner’s specific needs.
    • Have their progress reviewed every 8 – 12 weeks at a minimum and be offered impartial IAG and referral advice.
    • Receive continuous IAG information on progression and career development advice at the end of training.

2. All service users to: –

    • Have an effective, outcome-based care support plan that is person-centered and meets with standards of care
    • Get periodical assessments and determine further support needs
    • Receive information advice and guidance in leading an individual’s life in a safe and useful way
    • Have improved capacity to make choices and lead a better life with improved outcomes

Description of the Liral Veget Information Advice and Guidance Service

Liral Veget provides all its applicants and learners with free and impartial Information Advice and Guidance in relation to training and working in the Health care sectors, Retailers and other administrative offices.  Although IAG at Liral Veget is an ongoing process, Information Advice and Guidance are embedded with Liral Veget programmes and delivered imperatively over four stages mainly in LV’s recruitment and curriculum:

    1. In order to assist applicants in making the right and suitable choices, Liral Veget qualifications and Diploma training programmes and referring applicants who do not currently meet eligibility and/or entry requirements, IAG is given as part of the application process. This is the Initial IAG interview which encompasses what an individual learner’s aspirations are and where they can potentially progress, after their chosen training programme.
    2. At the commencement of Liral Veget programmes through comprehensive information at induction, and the use of initial assessment to agree on appropriate individual learning plans.
    3. During the period of training as part of Liral Veget’s strategy to retain learners, on programmes, and to provide appropriate and ongoing guidance that gives learners the best opportunity to complete the agreed qualifications/framework.
    4. On exit from Liral Veget programmes to support learners to progress into relevant employment, higher education, or to further advance their career prospects.

Liral Veget provides the following resources with respect to the delivery of the IAG service:

    1. Information on opportunities and programmes in relation to the care and Business industry
    2. Guidance on the right provision following an assessment of training needs
    3. Pastoral support and guidance on the programme to assist retention of learners
    4. Information available from each of our colleges on additional support available
    5. Information and advice on career enhancement or other training options during and on completing Liral Veget programmes


Liral Veget IAG staff and Assessors are responsible for providing information advice and guidance to prospective applicants on recruitment to Liral Veget Programmes. Assessors, Tutors, Female Mentors, Programme Managers and Training Centre Managers provide learners with on-programme support to retain learners and enable them to successfully complete their qualifications/programme frameworks. Assessors and recruitment advisers provide learners with guidance on exit from Liral Veget Training programmes in relation to employment opportunities and career advancement. Liral Veget Managers such as Programme Manager, Recruitment Manager, Audit and Compliance Manager, Internal Verification Manager and Director have responsibility for line managing the front line IAG services.

Quality Assurance & Evaluation

The provision of IAG services is quality assured through the collection and analysis of participant feedback and analysis of key performance data with respect to learner retention achievement and progression. Liral Veget Line Managers will be responsible for monitoring the front-line delivery, including the observation of the IAG service, and identifying areas for continuous improvement. 

Liral Veget Management measures and improves the quality of information given through IAG observation, self-assessment, staff feedback and learner feedback.  The Managers take extra care in ensuring that the marketing literature reflects current, valid programmes offered at Liral Veget.

The outcomes from learner feedback, staff feedback and from Liral Veget Managers’ observations, will be subject to discussion at routine Liral Veget Continuous Improvement Group (CIG) meetings and staff meetings.