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Special Education Needs (SEN) teachers support students with disabilities by creating inclusive learning environments tailored to individual needs. They develop personalised education plans, collaborate with specialists and parents, and use adaptive techniques and technology to enhance learning. SEN teachers nurture students’ self-esteem, social skills, and academic abilities, acting as advocates and ensuring access to necessary accommodations. Their role is vital in fostering an inclusive education system where every student can thrive.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in special education or a related field; Master’s degree will be an added advantage

Certification: State teaching certification or licensure, often obtained through exams and continuing education.

Experience: Practical experience through student teaching or internships in special education settings is valuable.

Skills: Strong communication skills, patience, empathy, and ability to collaborate effectively with students, parents, and other professionals.

Certifications: Depending on the specific role, certifications or training in areas such as behavioural therapy, assistive technology, or specific disabilities may be required or advantageous.

Professional Development: Continuous learning and professional development to stay updated with best practices and innovative approaches in the field of special education.

Salary: Competitive Salary


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